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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photographer Sheila Metzner: On The Marble Walls of the Conde Nast Lobby (through October 15th)

Sheila Metzner is known for her use of Fresson color printing. Fresson "tirage au charbon" is a rare method developed in France in 1900. Using layered oil pigments in gelatin, the process requires multiple separate negatives. The prints are developed in a solution of water and sawdust. The result is a luminous, soft glow which gives the photograph the appearance of a painting.

When I asked Grace Coddington, (Creative Editor of American Vogue, pictured above) if I could photograph her in front of her favorite Metzner photograph she gently responded "Well, this one I worked on." as she leads me over to Uma Patau Dress (1986), a feature of the evening.

This is Beatrix Ost. She is an author and an artist with a phenomenal and sophisticated personal style. Her latest book is a memoir entitled "My Father's House". It is her account of growing up in post-war Germany. When I asked Beatrix if she has a getaway where she likes to write, she perplexedly responded,

"No, I don't need a getaway, I am my own getaway"

Ost is also a good friend of Metzners. Below you will see her posing with a photograph of her gloved hand. She comments that the photo was taken in the 80's and exclaims "The 1980's, so much fun!"

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