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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dirty Fences play Lit Lounge & meet the silver screen

When did punk rock begin? Some say the 70's . . .

I'd say the beginning of time... or on second thought f*&% that question.  The Dirty Fences play punk rock off all ages and they don't need spikes or studs to fly their flag, they know what they're doing.  With Dee Dee Ramone's 1,2,3,4 and a contemporary underground east coast sound, The Dirty Fences have you dancing, stomping, and feeling like you snuck out your bedroom window to come see them play.


The East Village's Lit Lounge has a gallery in the back and a music venue downstairs.  Lit has preserved the rough and inviting feeling the neighborhood was always known for.

Filmmakers Remy Bennett and Emilie Richard-Froozon double-exposed at Lit. Their most recent project, Rufur, is ready to go. Emilie based the short on a dream she had. Remy, who stars in the film, was also featured in the actual dream. She's a busy lady. Stay tuned for the trailer of Rufur as well as the premier happening at the end of the month!

Dancing to a Dirty Fences song which will be featured in Rufur.  I won't give the title away, but I will say the film and the song together are like a car that has "just married" written all over it.

Lara meets a lot of people and a lot of bands, stamping hands at Lit. One of the favorite bands she discovered there are called Forgetters.  Lara's tattoo on her chest says (in an Italian accent) "Forgive never forget".

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