With a shared eye for the unusual and spectacular, Kelsey Bennett and Heather Morgan dive deeply to unearth the pearls of the city. As though escorting you on a road trip to discover the oddities of our metropolis, Bennett and Morgan shine light on artists, musicians, and events which need to be seen.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cheap & Plastique @ Fountain Art Fair NYC

Fountain Art Fair is more than a white wall with carefully hung artwork. For one thing, it is on a boat, so you can't (really) use a level. Fountain is a space for splendor and spectacle. Cue some fantastic midnight mischief when a masked, befurred figure revved his chainsaw in the middle of the opening, silently menacing the display.

No artworks were harmed in the making of this moment.

Cheap & Plastique soldiered on, with artists Kelsey Bennett, Heather Morgan, Christine Navin and Nathan Wasserbauer making a charming debut at Fountain for the magazine.

The sights and sounds were overwhelming, from the expansive street art display to Jesus stripping down to the altogether. Drinks flowed and Miss Morgan achieved a new personal best in most hotdogs consumed in one day.

What is impossible to convey is the sound of the wind on the tent, the rolling of the waves, the laughter and noise of the crowd. Thank you to our hosts, our friends and our fellow exhibitors for making the boat rock!


  1. ugh. you two are everything that is nauseating with brooklyn. go back to the midwest

  2. Heather Morgan and Kelsey Bennett hail from Jersey City and Manhattan, respectively. But thanks for your input!

  3. Hah. I don't know where Anonymous is from, but I find that a great deal of people who DIDN'T grow up here often point fingers and scream "Midwest!". They are often even from the Midwest themselves. I grew up here, and having toured in the Midwest, I found a lot of cool people and scenes in cities out there. So I don't even understand what that is supposed to mean. There are lame people everywhere. But it does suck when the lame people move here and then tell you you don't belong where you grew up.