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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Franco Piss Cup?

Help us name the 127 Hours Cocktail!!! We could stick with The Franco Piss Cup, but we wanna hear your ideas. Dare I say -- Urine for it?!

In the cocktail: Hendrick's gin, fresh lime, elderflower cordial, club soda, and yellow food coloring

Oh, you have what it takes to be the white swan, so spongy and light. But, cookie, let's see you as the black, unleash your crumbly terror! Our Golden Globes were as swinging as Ricky Gervais' pair. Cheers to a tasty Oscar season!


  1. Those cupcakes give me a winter's bone.

  2. The Francophile. Shit writes itself.

  3. Urea Got Me
    Desperate Measures
    Waste Not, Want Not?

  4. Wake me up before you Franco-go

  5. The Amputator. Or The Skin Stabbing, Vein Snipping, Muscle Slicing Bone Breaker that Sets Me Free!

  6. Pisscards from the Edge
    Franconia's Crotch
    Franco Beurre Blanco
    Urethra Franclon?

  7. Rename the Piss Cup?

    How about: The Chalice of the Golden River-bends?

    P.S. I really love your site!

    Good Days, TR